“Per Ardua Ad Astra”

Hello World.

My name is Aaron and welcome to More Points, Less Cash.

UP FRONT: I don’t make a lot of money. I work a Monday through Friday, 9-6 job. I love experiencing the finer things in life without having to pay “finer things” money. In this day and age, I’ve learned a lot about how to manage my finances and get the most value out of my dollar. Unless I’m traveling or have an immediate need, I don’t carry more than $10 in my wallet. I pay everything with my card.

My one purpose in life is to make a difference. If my blog has allowed you to the opportunity to travel the experience of a lifetime, just you, then my purpose would be accomplished. If I can teach you one thing that you didn’t know yesterday or just show you an alternative, then this blog has paid off.

I’ve got some exciting stuff to talk about. Often times, I looked at many bloggers who have the pleasure of traveling for work or have some special connection, occupation or financial circumstance that lets them live “Instagram-Worthy” lives and I was immediately discouraged. Then I learned that I spend enough in my daily life to rack up similar experience, albeit much slower, but it can happen nonetheless.

I’ll recap my journey from 5/24 with Chase, getting maximizing my points, my unexpectedly awesome resolution with Citi Thank You, my Honeymoon with my wife to Asia, to just opening an awesome Amex Plat welcome kit.

BTW, “Per Ardua Ad Astra” is a Latin Phrase used by the Royal Airforce (Brits), meaning Through Struggle, to the Stars. I’ll let that sink in a bit.

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