Delayed Points Transfer from Citi to FlyingBlue…. Actually Made Me Money?

I’ll preface with this: I’ve had the Prestige card for over a year now and (reluctantly) had to eat the full $450 fee. I’ll review my thoughts on the card pretty soon, since all the new changes are coming out, but I wanted to make sure I get this out for everyone that could be affected.

For my upcoming honeymoon trip in February, thanks to my Chase UR points and transferring to United, I managed to generate a stopover from Singapore to HK in business for a grand total of ZERO points (thanks to United’s Excursionist Perk). However, I needed to get from DPS (Bali) to SIN (Singapore).

Searching between FlyingBlue, KLM, and Air France (after using Google Flights to identify a flight), I narrowed it down to a Garuda and KLM flight. Oddly enough, even though Air France and KLM both use FlyingBlue, KLM returned me both flight options, while Air France only showed KLM.airfrancedps-sinklmdps-sin

I went ahead and initiated the transfer after finding out that it usually takes <48 hours. Welp, it didn’t. I initiated on the 12th, and didn’t see anything. I complained to Citi via Twitter and received a call back a couple days later. I told them I needed to book this flight because I didn’t know how much availability was left and their delays were going to cause me to spend more money.

The rep proposed an option: How about you just book the flight on your Prestige card and then we’ll front the balance in TY points to use a statement credit, since from July 23rd and on, each point counts as 1 cent per point. Factor in the 70k, that’s $700 dollars in statement credit.

I accepted the offer and kindly asked to have my transfer cancelled. Shortly after, I received an e-mail confirmation that let me know the 50k transfer was cancelled and returned to my TY account and an additional amount of 70k was also deposited. citiflyingblue

If my math is correct, that extra 70k is good for up to $1100 in flight redemptions. Instead, I booked the flight on my American Express Platinum card, and got 5x points with airfare purchases directly with the Airline.

If you’re transferring and having issues with it, let Citi know. It may help you closer to that travel redemption you need. What do I plan on doing with these extra points? Maybe a Singapore First Class Redemption, would be nice…

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