Shooting for Marriott Platinum + Stacking New Megabonus Offer

This gets a little confusing, but worth it if you can stomach it.

With the American Express Platinum card, one of the huge perks you get is hotel status with SPG and Hilton. Once you get the card and use your benefits, you’ll have Hilton and SPG Gold.

How does Marriott come into play here? Well, as you remember, Marriott group bought SPG and has since linked their rewards programs laterally. If you have Gold on SPG, you have Gold on Marriott and vice versa.


Since I now have Marriott Gold, I wanted to leverage up to SPG Platinum (of course without having to stay the 50 nights. Well luckily there’s something called the “Taste of Platinum” status challenge. This challenge isĀ ONLY for 1 tier up- Meaning if you have silver, you can only challenge for 6 stays up to Gold, and if you have gold, 9 stays up to Platinum. Keep in mind these are STAYS and not NIGHTS. Stays means how ever many times you checked in and nights mean how long you stayed in the hotel total. Looks like I’m checking in and checking out 9 times for 1 night stays. After hitting 9 nights, I’ll have Marriott Platinum, which will give me SPG Platinum as well, unlocked room upgrades (which my wife enjoys more than I do).


Lastly, to make this challenge even better, Marriott just brought back their Megabonus promotion. The highlight here is if you stay 2 nights, you’ll get a free night in return PLUS the opportunity to unlock additional point offers after. The max, unfortunately, is only getting 1 free night. Essentially, this helps bring my costs from 9 bookings to 8, without counting in any additional points gained from unlocking new milestones.


Marriott’s Megabonus promotion (Click for Link)

Are you planning to participate?



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